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Welcome to Pien!

We have the best and widest selection of craft beer from Finnish breweries and constantly updating range of imported beers from all around the world.

Addition to the huge selection of craft beer, we have craft ciders, long drinks and sodas.

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Mon–tue 12–21

wed–thu 12–24

Fri–sat 12–02

Sun 12–12


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Helsinki, Ateneuminkuja

Helsinki, Lorem ipsum

On tap now!

Barrier Brewing Company

Kickin' Knowledge: Key Lime

IPA - Sour

7% ABV


FrauGruber Brewing


Sour - Fruited

4.5% ABV



Babushka Maria Ay Caramba

Stout - Russian Imperial

10.7% ABV


Northern Monk

Patrons Project 17.02 // Tropical IPA // Ethel // Stigbergets // Garage // Insa

IPA - Milkshake

7% ABV




American Wild Ale

6.5% ABV


DOT Brew

2018 Contains Nuts

Dark Ale

7.8% ABV



Quadruple Dry Hopped Fatamorgana

IPA - Imperial / Double New England

8% ABV


Cloudwater Brew Co.

Human Meanings

IPA - Imperial / Double New England

8.5% ABV


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